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More than wine and a nametag.

Meet smart, ambitious women just like you.

We know that connecting in person can never be replaced by the digital space, especially in a local community. So we combine live events and social media to provide options for your level of engagement with the network. You’ll gain admission to our private Facebook group to connect with fellow members, and receive invitations exclusive to members for live events! And since you’ve already invested in membership, all public events will be MAJORLY discounted, and some events will be FREE!

Challenge yourself with monthly connected learning opportunities!

We know you’re looking for something more than a nametag and a glass of wine. We’ve taken the time and care to develop an actual curriculum with monthly topics applicable to you and your personal and professional development! Kick the business card trading mentality out the door--this is not your mama’s networking group. This is a progressive tribe of women seeking more.

We lift you UP! Your voice. Your brand. Here.

Maybe you’ve had a successful blog for the last year and you’re ready to monetize your following. Or maybe you’re killing it in the corporate environment and looking for a place to boost your personal brand. Look no further, Bish. As a member, you’ll benefit from our growing following by telling your story on all of our social channels (yes, YOU!). You’re invited to stretch your wings as you develop your own content and take flight as the voice of all of our social media accounts for the week. Enjoy!!

You’re in, so DISCOUNTS.

You’re now a Bad Bish insider, so that means the connections of the network are now YOUR connections. In addition to receiving discounts to our live events for you and your friends, you’ll get the opportunity to attend other women-centric events in Columbus at a lower price (or for FREE), and we’ll raffle off amazing partner products or services too. Plus, many of the women in the network have their own amazing products and services to share, and they want YOUR feedback, so they’re generously discounting their own side hustles so that you get all of the goods for a bargain price.

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