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Meet your new network!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably said one of these things to yourself lately:

“I want to meet more women my age who have ambition and goals.”

“I want to be inspired by women doing amazing things.”

“I have a blog but I don’t know what I’m selling or how to leverage my following.”

“My business has launched and I need to meet more people to grow my network.”

“These co-ed networking events feel more like dating mixers.”

“I want to meet more women like me.”

“I want to meet more women who are not like me!”

You’re in the right place, Bish! The Bad Bish Network is a group of passionate, fiercely ambitious women who want to meet other bad bishes, grow their personal and professional networks, and sharpen skills required to be a Bad Bish.

Most of all, this group is about being INSPIRED. We bring together women who have tackled the corporate world, the start-up space, and nonprofits alike--and women who have failed just as many times as they’ve succeeded. Hear their stories, share your story, and connect with these incredible women by joining the Bad Bish Network today!

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