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Weekly Member Feature: Amanda Crichton

Erin Scott

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We love our Bad Bishes..and for good reason!

Get to know more about Bad Bish, Amanda Crichton, below.

1. What's your AM routine?

Let's be real, my mornings start with my phone. I usually scroll through the Skimm (an online news source), my social media accounts, and emails. Depending on the week, I'll have work meetings at cafes around Columbus or I'll just work from home. The most consistent part of my morning is my breakfast. Each day I make a smoothie bowl and attempt to eat it mindfully, without distractions from my phone or laptop. 

2. What's your PM routine?

Do new business owners have a consistent pm routine? Maybe it's just me, but my evenings are always changing. Some nights I'll go to networking events, others I'll be working, and recently I've been trying to semi-regularly attend group fitness classes. Learning to ride the wave of inconsistency has been a challenge, but it forces my structure-loving personality to go with the flow.

*I typically have one day a week (Sunday afternoon or Monday morning) where I'll sit down and look through all of my upcoming events, tasks, and emails. It's a way for me to debrief, plan, and feel more prepared for the upcoming week.

3. Explain your company and what you do?

My company is called Fulcio (full-see-oh), which is Latin for support or strengthen. I'm an anti-diet dietitian and created Fulcio to help people love who they are through nutrition and emotional support. I incorporate a concept called Health At Every Size, meaning that we're all uniquely made with different bodies and nutrition-related needs. I love helping clients dismantle the beliefs they have about their bodies, which are primarily caused from our society and media outlets. 

While I offer one-on-one coaching, lately I've been focusing on group programs and challenges, which I can share more about below. 

4. What's the hardest obstacle you've faced as an entrepreneur so far? 

The biggest frustration is the lack of understanding from those "on the outside". Many don't understand the lengths that I go through to market, network, and connect myself with supporters or potential clients. I try to use my personal instagram account to share my struggle, but I feel like many assume money isn't an issue for me. 

I have a few student interns working with me and it's comforting to have their sympathy, but the struggle is REAL, bishes, especially with Fulcio being less than a year old. Part of it is my confident, outgoing personality, but the other part is people judging me for said personality. 

5. How did you make the transition into leaving your main job to do this? 

I'm the exception to the rule here. Most entrepreneurs slowly transition from their stable job to their full time business but I didn't have a stable job before Fulcio. I worked in Boston as a Nutrition Manager at a YMCA but left my job to join the Peace Corps. While volunteering abroad in Nicaragua (not with the PeaceCorps), I learned that my acceptance into the Peace Corps was no longer valid because of the fact that I had seen a counselor for general anxiety while living in Boston. Feel free to reread that last sentence and let it sink it. I was livid then but each time I retell this story I'm reminded of irrational of a stigma we, as a country, have on mental health. 

The PeaceCorps feared I couldn't be provided with adequate talk therapy, but encouraged me to reapply should I be able to go a year without therapy. Again, this says a LOT about mental health and the stigma, which is ridiculous. Because I had received the acceptance letter two months prior, my things had already been moved from Boston to Ohio, which is the true story behind why I'm back in Ohio. Fulcio happened because I saw a lack of support for health, especially mental and emotional health, and decided to pursue this passion with my own compassion. I don't know a single person these days who doesn't have stress or anxiety, at least none of my clients seem to be stress-free, and I'm confident that what I'm doing is needed, especially given my own background story. 

6. What's your favorite aspect of your company? 

My favorite part about Fulcio is that it's MINE and that it is capable of doing the world GOOD. I've worked for companies that don't support mental health or for bosses who I don't admire, but with Fulcio I create the atmosphere I crave. Watching program participants learn about themselves and witness them heal from the emotional wounds they've held onto for years is magical. It gives me so much joy to know that I can help others heal their relationship with food and their body. The results I see inspire me to continue pursuing this route.

7. Anything else we should know about you?

*If you want to learn more about what I do, or just want to grab coffee/tea, hit me up! I'm happy to learn more about other Bishes and want to get to know more of you better!

I have a number of upcoming events this and next month:

I'm co-hosting a mindset webinar this Wednesday, March 7th on Facebook Live (this is free). Here's the link

I'll be speaking at an event Thursday, March 22nd, about the power of story! Time and location TBD but I'll share in the group when I know more!

I'm co-teaching a mindset course, Master Your Mindset, which starts March 28th. 

I'm leading an exercise focused program, Exercise At Every Size, that starts April 1st! 

I'll be talking more about the above events throughout the month, but I would love to have some Bishes join in! 

Link to my website:

Fulcio's Instagram: