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Our Membership Curriculum: Making Connections

Erin Scott

WE'RE BACK! After months of developing a rich new curriculum, we're thrilled to share our love, hard work, and ideas with the Bad Bish Network family. This year is all about Making Connections. We know--we’re a networking group, so that’s quite literally what we’re trying to accomplish. But it’s not just about expanding your network and meeting the fantastic women in this group. You’re going to make intentional connections each month through our Connected Topics designed to help you have your most connected year yet.

You’ll receive worksheets corresponding to each topic to help you build your very own Making Connections workbook throughout the 10-month curriculum. This isn’t homework--it’s not required whatsoever, but it will help track the ways you expand your connectedness throughout the year. Our members-only Facebook group will feature a new member each week who will share their own story and lead discussions around the monthly Connected Topic. Events will further explore the topic, continuing to build on the member discussions in the Facebook group and diving deeper into each theme.

Each Connected Topic below was selected with care and intention for you, bish!

September: Connecting your goals with your values
How do you align the values that guide you with the goals you set in your professional and personal life?

October: Making connections with like-minded women: your fellow Bishes!
You’re in this group for a reason: take the time to intentionally connect with the women in this group

November: How to authentically connect with people through networking
What is authentic connection anyway? We’ll discuss the ways to make networking less painful and how to make networking truly valuable

December: Connecting with organizations lifting up women & girls in
There are SO many nonprofits doing important work in Columbus to benefit women and girls! Let’s learn about them--and support them!

January: Reflecting and reconnecting with your values and goals
You’ve heard this before: “New year, new me!” Before you throw out your “Being me” playbook, let’s reconnect with the goals you wrote in September to see which ones still apply and which ones need cut

February: Connecting with your inner Bad Bish! 
Go off the wagon-- there’s a path back!

March: Connecting our fears to our path to success
Your fears influence your ability to reach your goals just as much as your values. We’ll tackle them head on--and find ways to help each other through the toughest roadblocks

April: Exploring the other organizations that connect women in Columbus
Why are there so many organizations dedicated solely to connecting women to each other? Why do we crave this important interaction? We’ll join forces with other women-only peer groups in Columbus to unpack this topic--and connect with the fantastic women in the groups!

May: Why you need to connect to a mentor and how to do it
If you don’t know, now you know: having a mentor invested in your future is CRITICAL to your success. We’ll discuss qualities to look for in a mentor, how to ask a mentor, and what to expect from your mentor

June: Time to CELEBRATE! One last time to connect with your fellow Bishes :)
Celebration is a key part of your progress!! We’ll reflect on the past year and connect your progress to the steps you took to get there :)

Are you in?

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