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Presenter Preview: Autumn Theodore

Erin Scott

Autumn Theodore, bad bish business owner and imposter syndrome conquerer

Autumn Theodore, bad bish business owner and imposter syndrome conquerer

Get to know YOUR presenters for the 4/27 event, The Exchange! These bad bishes will be sharing their ideas, philosophies, or expertise on a topic they passionately champion. Each micro-presentation will be less than 6 minutes, and following the presentations, we will facilitate an exchange between audience members and the presenters to inspire curiosity, collaboration, and constructive feedback!


This week, we interviewed Autumn Theodore, a Columbus-based portrait and commercial photographer who helps businesses bring their brands to life with creative photography. While she loves to travel, Autumn considers Columbus home base - for good! She lives in Italian Village and loves supporting small businesses in our lovely city. You'll most likely see her getting work done at coffee shops, taking walks through the Short North, and attending fun events around town.


Check out our quick exchange with Autumn below!




So you said YES to sharing your expertise with the Bad Bish Network! Why did you accept this invitation to participate as a presenter? 


"I accepted your very kind invitation for a few reasons: 1) I love supporting you and the things you're doing, 2) I think it sounds like a unique presenting opportunity to 3) practice presenting, and 4) all sorts of exposure helps small businesses!"


Tell us a little bit about the topic you plan to share. 


"I plan to talk about Impostor Syndrome, which is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a "fraud." Some studies suggest that impostor syndrome is particularly common among high-achieving women. (source: Wikipedia) I plan to talk about this because I've had conversations with so many women recently about impostor syndrome!"


Why are you uniquely suited to talk about this topic? 


"I have had so many conversations with women over the past few years about their feelings of impostor syndrome and how that affects their work, their life, and their confidence. (Spoiler alert: it affects those things a lot.) Helping people (especially women) realize that this is an issue may bring them some additional confidence to realize their worth, which is incredibly helpful to their success."


Do you present frequently? Do you like getting up in front of people and speaking, or does it make you nervous? 


"It doesn't make me nervous. I do it 4-6 times per year."


Why is networking important to you? What groups do you belong to or participate in? 


"Networking is important to me because 99.99% of my business comes to me through referrals. Relationships are almost as important as me producing high-quality photos for clients. I try to attend as many women's group meetings/events as I can - Bad Bish, Creative Babes, and a few other more private groups."


Something special happens when women get together, collaborate, and lift each other up. Why do you think that is? 


"Because we understand each other. The women I connect with have similar goals, struggles, ideas, frustrations, and inspiration. Those things make it easy to lift each other up!"


Name some of the female role models whom you look up to and why? 


"Literally, every woman in this town who is creating her own path, helping others, and always being kind. I can't even name them because there are so many who fall into those three categories. I'm obsessed with all of them. <3"


If someone was interested in doing the work that you do for a living, what advice would you give them? 


"I'd tell them to hire a business coach (this made all the difference for me), take their time in leaving their "day job" (if they have one) to be sure going full-time isn't too stressful, and to be sure they understand that the business side of their hustle will probably take more time than the passion side - and to be ok with that."