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Presenter Preview: Nellie Corriveau


Presenter Preview: Nellie Corriveau

Erin Scott

Nellie Corriveau

If you haven't already signed up to attend The Exchange, now's your chance! Learn more about one of our Bad Bish presenters, Nellie Corriveau, and get inspired to meet with our incredible women at The Exchange.


Nellie Corriveau began fundraising for families of children with cancer her sophomore year at Reynoldsburg High School in 2007 and has built the million dollar organization now known as Nellie’s Champions for Kids (NC4K), a 501(c)(3) for children with cancer and their families. Nellie Corriveau is the youngest 40 under 40 Award recipient, featured in GLAMOUR Magazine as Ohio’s most inspiring, the 2012 AFP Young Philanthropist of the Year, Jefferson Award Nominee 2011, and NC4K received the Key Bank Achievement Award in 2011. Nellie speaks to over 50 schools a year on how important it is to be a young leader!


Nellie’s most recent venture is a social enterprise that is an online positivity t-shirt company. Not only can you buy one for you, you can also send one to a friend to pass positivity on to them. A portion of every shirt benefits pediatric cancer and women’s issues. 


While not in the community, Nellie enjoys running, shopping, watching movies and being with her husband Jared and 4-pound furbaby, Tini!


Here's what Nellie had to share with us!




So you said YES to sharing your expertise with the Bad Bish Network! Why did you accept this invitation to participate as a presenter?


"Women are changing the world! and anything I can do to support them I love to do!"


Tell us a little bit about the topic you plan to share at The Exchange.


"I love sharing how to have a happy and healthy life because I once was working 80 hours a week, 30 pounds heavier and missing out on life."


Do you present frequently? Do you like getting up in front of people and speaking, or does it make you nervous?


"Yes as much as I can! I always get nervous but know if I can help one person it is worth it!"


Why is networking important to you? What groups do you belong to or participate in?


"Networking is really about connection and building relationships and that is what life is all about! I really enjoy networking one on one with women to have true authentic and meaningful conversations."


Something special happens when women get together, collaborate, and lift each other up. Why do you think that is?


"The energy is contagious! We are designed to want to support each other so when you get that much energy in one room it is magical! It is also becoming rare with social media and our fast-paced lives so it makes it even more special."


Name some of the female role models whom you look up to and why?


"I honestly look up to every woman out there hustling and making a difference!"


If someone was interested in doing the work that you do for a living, what advice would you give them?


"To never give up! You are going to have good days and not so good days and that is totally normal. When you don't give up that is when the magic happens. Good things take time, more than you may think too!"


Hear more from Nellie next Thursday, April 27 at The Exchange!