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Weekly Member Feature: Lisa Wein, event planner extraordinaire!

Erin Scott

Lisa Wein

Take a moment to get to know this week's Bad Bish Network member feature, Lisa Wein!


About 6 months ago, I was itching for a new side hustle. I had 3 years as a Stella & Dot Stylist, but I wanted to do something that would be more lucrative, not take me away from my family in the evenings, and something that I was an expert at.

I had a meeting with some colleagues (at my full-time job), and they were seeking my advice on creating a timeline template for their upcoming events. We met a few times to help create this, and I realized I had skills that other people could use and in a much more time-saving way than I had thought about in the past.

I decided to re-launch LW Events as an event consulting business, instead of an event planning business. I didn't want to add more events to my calendar, but I knew I could provide services, to companies and non-profits, by meeting with them a few times and discussing how to get organized, how to set goals for an event, or how to reinvent an event that has gotten stale.

We've all been to events that were great and many that were not so great. The difference is working with someone who has experience and can help to ensure an event is successful. As an event planning/fundraising professional, I've had to wear many hats. Ultimately, I can break my profession down into three main categories: planning events, communications, and fundraising. Becoming fluent in each of these areas has transformed me into a strong relationship manager and problem solver.

My passion lies in empowering others to set goals and use their events successfully, and my new consulting model allows more accessibility to having an event planning professional help you with your events. With LW Events I specialize in the production side of planning events (writing the run of show and script, working with all types of vendors, creating timelines and budgets) and have worked in the nonprofit world long enough to be able to provide expertise on fundraising strategies for events.

I'm so excited to see what happens with LW Events in the next year! I have two clients so far (one came through my connections with the Bad Bish Network!), and I'm meeting with a business coach to see what I can do to move it forward even more. In the meantime, I'm offering my fellow Bishes a consultation session with me if they need someone to bounce some event ideas off of. I want to give back to the group who has supported me along the way!

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