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Learn about our new organization, the Ohio Women’s Alliance


We are celebrating International Women’s Day with some exciting news to share from our founder, Erin Scott. “I started the Bad Bish Network in 2015 to create a community for badass female leaders in Columbus and what blossomed was an incredible network of women building their own businesses, navigating new job opportunities, and seeking inspiration from fellow Bad Bishes. We as women have always been leaders at the helm of our communities, and with divisive rhetoric spewing from our nation’s highest pulpit, we have been further charged to knit our communities back together and continue the fight against sexism, racism, and bigotry with our collective power. In 2019, women are convening more than EVER, hosting community discussions in their homes, feminist book clubs in libraries, and building their own activist networks. This all happens simply through the will of women to lead despite limited funding opportunities to support smaller grassroots efforts coupled with equally limited opportunities to invest in the leaders of these groups.

That’s why I’m starting a statewide network of women leading groups like the Bad Bish Network across Ohio. The Ohio Women’s Alliance is a new community for female community builders that will lift up, connect, and invest in Ohio’s emerging local female leaders. The Alliance provides tailored leadership and community management training, access to resources to support the work of each Alliance member’s community, and a members-only platform to connect with women across Ohio who are fellow community builders. Although this means the Bad Bish Network will dissolve into the Alliance, I am eager to start this new chapter expanding our reach across Ohio and connecting you to every more badass women.

In this time of transition (raising startup funds and finalizing programming), I’m asking you for one thing, fellow female community builders: reach out and tell me what you need. How can the Alliance support you and your work? What do you need to grow your community? How do you think we can use our collective voice to lift up women in Ohio? Sign up on the mailing list and let me know.

I’m sharing this on International Women’s Day because I’m so grateful to all of you for being a part of the Bad Bish Network, and now the Ohio Women’s Alliance. My personal and professional successes have only materialized because of the women who have supported me through some of the new ideas and risks I’ve taken, and that includes you. Simply showing up or following our social media pages or telling me you liked an event has helped me be a better leader and pushed me to iterate more quickly. You are the reason the Ohio Women’s Alliance exists, and I’m honored to build a better Ohio for women alongside you. Thank you.”